Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 2 of outing ~

Heading to sunway pyramid on the next day ~ what we are going to do??

Omg! calvin's pinkish mask ! He wear it on purpose cause he thinks its cute! haha

Karaoke! Our favourite ! yes baby~~ its time to SHOUT!! I mean HIGH!

all songs are in LIST !!

Tmn pertanian here we come!!GOGOGOGO !! how ? Dont know! lets try.. Our first time going without any direction at first..just following signs!

way to there after asking a security guard and others...
YEAH!! at last !!
The pinkish BOY!
our love to YIK LUEI(Russia) n KAH MEN (Japan)
Dang dang~ here we go!

Sunway is free at night!! NEXT station!! haha~ going out for whole day! NOT STOPPING anywhere ^.^

We are learning to pose XD Inividual poseur !
Li Kee showing direction!
CJ is hungry !
Calvin ~~ VAMPIRE !!
Wen Jie ~Elephant!!
and ME ~~ DINASAUR !
dancing on the stage !
Sunway models of 2

SOME 18 SX pictures !!

From BAD to WORSE !!!
Get ready to JUMP!


Outings with u guys!!

Yea yea!! u guys!! 2a4 gangz! its had been a superb duperb long time planning to go with u guys! Getting everyone out is so hard nowadys, all of us have different timetable ( i mean schedule) ..So well, argh , at last manage too! I went to Leon house first to park my car there and sit his car to Wen Jie house.. We plan to reach at 5pm but guess what time we reach? haha..almost 6pm! ~ malaysian style! or maybe us T_T We called Wen Jie :

Chin Ming: How aren't u coming out? We have been waiting like 30mins here..
Leon : I horned for 5 mins and u didn't even notice us? Even ur neighbours are out to look =.=
Wen Jie : Harr?!! I haven even take bath!! Give me 15 mins!
CM n Leon: What ? still 15mins?? gosh!
Wen Jie : Ok la..then u guys come in first..

Then.. we waited and went to Chern Jung house! using same method to bluff, but

Cj : I sitting in the hall tak kan i cannot hear the sound !
Wen Jie : Argh!! u all bluff me just now!!

Yaya wen jie...haha~ speechless !! At last he understand what is happening =P called liki then and her mum fetching her coming.. Went to eat hokkien mee in Jalan 222..famous one! food served fast although is packed ~ Liki brought Sushi~ haha!

Arrived Putrajaya about 8.30pm.. started walking and this is what we do ...
(thanks liki for the pics)

omg! I love this man!

Leon ur car!!! dont simply park ! saman ltr..kidding..haha

and Leon PEK wish to get tis no plate...PEK PEK!

We actually testing our '' place ur camera here " style before taking pic.. and we end up like this ...

Wen jie's mouth! fuyoooh!! even an insect can fly in..
(testing no 1 - positions to stand)

testing no 2 ( why so dark ? again! )
( we manage by only showing our tounge! ) XD

Ehem! what are u all doing? @@

Road so peace~ even can sleep there ~

Putrajaya stone so special!!

Back home ~~ overnight in wen jie's house...Leon is going to PD ! sad ! cant join us for tmn pertanian trip T_T And we celebrate Li kee's birthday ! Leon cant look for lighter...argh.. how to give a surprise then =.= use gas! LOL!

Showed her the small cake first and give her a bigger surprise! haha..actually the small cake is to smash HER FACE! gotcha!

Making wishes !!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 is the year!

Welcome 2010!! Bye 2009 !! ...before starting my new post.. ^^ looking at all my photos in my album, its really fun in the previous years...In the stage of growth, wondering how people changed and how mature people have been..Look so different nowadays..

My primary life, was indeed a mystery ones..Cute little child walking into a school compound (Kuen Cheng 2), staring at everyone, looking at their unfamiliar faces, shock and timid..haha..guess u guys experienced too..
Kuen Cheng2 is not a girl school btw~~~

The years from 1998 when I was standard freaking long!!
dang dang~~ (dont laugh xD)

Then enter Catholic High School (2004) when I meet more new friends.. strict rules, new environment, have to wake up early when i entered form3..a lot of activities and have to stay back to 6PM!! imagine how tired..haha..but cool~ (this place is where I learned a lot of stuffs !! really!!) From my experienced -friendship, organizing trips, exams, ubk club, prefect, teachers ...nah! grown up kid now ! ) Thanks!

Beryl Trip
Counselling peers~ teens helping teens!!
Bon Odori
Genting trip with some dudes(leon is nt in pic T_T)
meeting up mark !! yea...u wont forget him !!

yeah! 5s3 I love U!
Performing!! graduation day!!
My eldest brother's graduation day (2009)..

Dinner dinner!! my bros =P
My family =]

Entered Help University College for A-levels.. My first semester when everyone is new to here..but we manage to solve all the problems =p

SASA group

even have outings!! sing K!!

Whooh! Finally, meeting back my long time primary mates!! miss you guys!

Didnt manage to take a group pic T_T

Definitely, wont miss u guys out , my 2a4 gangz!!
BEST EVER BUDDIES!! U all change my life!! LOVE u guys!!
Our friendship !! are u guys keeping them ? XD